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January Feature Presentation

The Backcountry Ski Huts of Interior British Columbia:

Tuesday, January 8th- Imagine Nation Brewing Company- 6:00-8:00pm


The Columbia Mountains of British Columbia, within a day’s drive of Missoula, are world renowned for their immense ski terrain and abundant snowfall.  Famous sub-ranges such as the Bugaboos, Selkirks, Monashees, and Cariboos, conjure images of skiers descending seemingly endless runs with snow billowing over their heads.  One of the most popular ways to experience this ski nirvana, assuming one can’t afford to helicopter ski (or, would rather exercise), are countless remote backcountry huts.  Come spend an evening learning where you can go, the terrain you can expect, and what hut is best suited for you and your fellow powder hounds. There are a myriad of options: traditional helicopter accessed week long huts; more off the radar snowmobile accessed huts; and those only reachable by old-fashioned trudging.

The presenter, Minot Maser, has been backcountry skiing in British Columbia’s interior ranges for 27 years.  During this time he’s skied at over 30 huts throughout BC’s interior. Integrated with his passion for backcountry skiing, Minot, has worked as the Northern Rockies tech rep for Backcounty Access (BCA) for 17 years, which was preceded by an initial career as a ski and mountaineering guide in BC, Alaska, and Washington.


Doors open at 6:00.  Come in, grab a beer (if desired), and learn a thing or two about skiing in Canada!  


February- Crown of the Continent presentation with UM’s Rick Graetz.

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