Achievement Awards

Since 1960 The Rocky Mountaineers have had a number of members who have contributed to the betterment of the club- either through exemplary service or above average participation and activity.  Around the year 2008 a group of members decided it was time to start recognizing individuals that:

  • go above and beyond the call-of–duty (Lifetime Service Awards)
  • have a long list of accomplishments associated with club trips (Lifetime Achievement Awards)
  • complete the climbs of all the peaks in the specific ranges of western Montana

The first two Awards are mostly self-explanatory and will be presented to worthy individuals after a nomination and voting process.  The Peak List awards are presented to any currently active member who has climbed all the peaks listed below in the specific categories (areas or ranges).  The reward for accomplishing these lists are primarily the self-satisfaction of having done so; however, we believe there is a tremendous value to our membership of having individuals who have heavily engaged in the in-depth exploration of these areas!  The idea is to both honor people for their accomplishments and encourage others to visit new areas. All of these awards will be presented annually at our September “Welcome Back Party”. 

Notes: we used 400’ of prominence above the nearest highest connecting ridge to determine whether something was an individual peak or just a high point on a ridge.  Peaks lists can be achieved over a number of years and you need not have been a member at the time of all of your climbs.

2018 Awardees

Laurel Vielle, Rattlesnake Peaks

Forest Dean, Rattlesnake Peaks

Forest Dean, Bitterroot Peaks over 9000’

2017 Awardees

Julie Kahl, Lifetime Achievement Award for service to the club

Steve Schombel, Lifetime Achievement Award for service to the club

Laurel Vielle, Missoula Horizon Peaks

John Bardsley, Missoula Horizon Peaks

John Bardsley, Rattlesnake Peaks

2014 Awardee

Alden Wright, Rattlesnake Peaks

2013 Awardees

Vick Applegate, Missoula Horizon Peaks

Alden Wright, Missoula Horizon Peaks

2012 Awardee

Julie Kahl, Missoula Horizon Peaks

2010 Awardee

Steve Niday, Rattlesnake Peaks

2009 Awardees

Steve Schombel, Missoula Horizon Peaks

Steve Niday, Bitterroot Peaks over 9000

Steve Niday, Missoula Horizon Peaks


Peak Lists

Missoula Horizon Peaks  
Black Mountain  5951’
Blue Mountain  6460’
Charity Peak   6535'
Ch-paa-qn  7996’
Dean Stone  6204'
Miller Peak  7030’
Mount Jumbo  4768’
Lolo Peak  9139’
Petty Mountain 7270’
Point Six  7942’
Sheep Mountain 7646’
Stark Mountain 7349’
Stuart Peak  7971’
University Mountain 5709’
Woody Mountain 6218’
Rattlesnake Peaks  
McLeod Peak  8620’
Murphy Peak  8167’
Mosquito Peak  8057’
Stuart Peak  7971’
Point Six  7942’
Triangle Peak  7800’+
Sheep Mountain 7646’
Mineral Peak  7482’
Bitterroot Peaks (9000’+)  
Trapper Peak  10157’
El Capitan  9983’
The Shard  9883’
Boulder Peak  9804’
North Trapper Peak  9801’
West Trapper Peak 9772’
West Como Peak  9624’
Little Tin Cup Peak 9617’
Saint Joseph Peak  9587’
Sugarloaf Peak  9586’
Middle Como Peak  9530’
East Boulder Peak  9500’
The Tusk  9486’
East Como Peak  9485'
East Bare Peak 9459’
West Bare Peak  9440’+
Mink Pk/Illusion Spire  9363’+
Mount Jerusalem  9355’
Saint Mary Peak  9351’
Heavenly Twins (South)  9282’
Trapper Lake W Peak  9260’
Lonesome Bachelor  9185’
N. Mt. Jerusalem  9169’
Whites Mountain 9162’
Sweeney Peak  9161’
Canyon Peak  9155’
Lolo Peak  9139’
Ward Mountain 9119’
East Whites Mountain  9095’
Koch Mountain  9072’
North Canyon Peak  9042’
Little Saint Joe  9040’+
North Lost Horse N  9018’
Trapper Creek Peak  9012’
Stormy Joe  9003’
Glacier NP (9500’+)  
Mt. Cleveland 10,466’
Mt. Stimson  10,142’
Kintla Peak  10,101’
Mt. Jackson  10,052’
Mt. Siyeh  10,014’
Mt. Merritt  10,004’
Kaiser Point  9996’
Kinnerly Peak  9944’
Rainbow Peak  9891’
Mt. Carter  9843’
Long Knife Peak  9784’
Going-To-The-Sun Mtn 9642’
Vulture Peak  9638’
Blackfoot Mountain 9574’
Ipasha Peak  9572’
Mt. Gould  9553’
Little Chief Mountain  9541’
Rising Wolf Mountain  9513’
Mission Mountains (8500’+)   
McDonald Peak  9820’
East St Mary’s Peak  9425’
Sheep’s Head  9417’
Glacier Peak  9407’
West St Mary’s Peak  9372’
Lowary Peak 9369’
Icefloe Peak 9328’
Sonielem Ridge  9315’
Mountaineer Peak  9261’
Mt Calowahcan  9061’
Gray Wolf Peak  9001’
Flat Top Peak 8893’
Daughter-of-the-Sun  8777’
Panoramic Peak  8660’
Peak 8650’ 8650’
Peak 8632’ 8632’
Cold Peak 8522’
Swan Range (8500’+)   
Holland Peak  9356’
Swan Peak  9289’
Ptarmigan Point  9083’
Peak 9075 9075’
Buck Peak  9003’
Peak 8905’ 8905’
Peak 8894’ 8894’
Puma Peak  8853'
Fisher Peak  8845’
Goat Mountain  8845’
Union Peak  8825’
Peak 8820’ 8820’
Peak 8820'   8820'  (North of Holland Peak)
Wolverine Peak  8769’
Peak 8710’ 8710’
Peak 8694' 8694'
Cooney Mountain 8709’
Peak 8709’ 8709’
Count Peak  8691’
Crescent Mountain 8617’
Cardinal Peak  8582’
Una Mountain 8580’
Carmine Peak 8542’
Leota Peak  8512’