Alberton Rest Stop Rock Climbing

Date: May 11, 2024

Leader: Sean Colvin

Participants: Forest Dean, Francis Horton, Levi Stubblefield

Our Spring Fling rock climbing trip started with the four of us leaving Missoula around 9am for Alberton, arriving at the rest stop to an empty lot. Taking advantage of the morning shade, we paired off and traded leads and top-ropes ticking the four moderate slab routes on the west beach before the full sun and heat arrived. Retreating to the shady main wall, some lapped the 5.8 sport route while others let out a bit of try-hard on the stiff 5.10. We had the climbing to ourselves all day, save for the 5.10 on the east beach that was blocked by a family firing up a grill (always need a route to come back for). We finished up by top-roping the 5.8 corner crack before heading back to Missoula around 3pm to rest up and get ready for the Spring Fling BBQ.

Fun day at the crag with a great crew.

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