Biking Going To Sun Road 4_27_24

Participants: Kimberly Meade-White, Paul Jensen, Joan Schumacher, Laurel Vielle

The forecast leading up to the weekend didn’t look promising so we planned to meet that morning to figure out some activity to do. The report came in around 6:30 am that morning from Kimberly and Joan that skies were looking good so we made a decision to give the biking a try. The plan had been to gather at the Apgar visitor center since we assumed that the weather would not allow us to get very far but then as the weather was looking more agreeable we decided to meet at the road closure which we thought was going to be Avalanche but Laurel let us know it was closed at Lake McDonald. Kimberly and Paul still biked from Apgar and we all met up and started biking together around 10:30 am. We were not sure how far up the road we would be able to get expected it would be a ways from the pass. Several miles past The Loop we were still going so we took a break while Candy biked ahead a bit to see if there was a closure in sight. The report was that riders were still heading up the pass so the decision was made to continue on. The road was closed about 1 to 1.5  miles from the pass where regretfully, or thankfully, we had to turn around. Warm gear was put on by everyone and we enjoyed the views, even though it was cloudy the ceiling was high enough that we were able to take in the scenery, and the sun even came out a bit on the way down.  All of us enjoyed the ride down, avoiding rocks in the road along the way. Paul pointed out some Harlequin ducks in Sacred Dancing Cascade that a few of us watched for a short time. We were done biking at approximately 5 pm. The next day Kimberly, Paul, Joan and Candy continued the adventure by traveling to the Beaver Lake trails in Whitefish and doing a bit more mountain biking. Leader Candy Hartman.

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