Cabin Workday and 60th Anniversary Party

Date: October 10, 2020

Leader:  Elizabeth Moore

Participants for Workday: Lance C., Alden W., David K., Dean S., Al B.

We enjoyed readying our cabin for winter.  Forest D. lugged a chainsaw up to the cabin (1.5 miles and 1200’ climb) the day before and found that the lock had been broken off and the hasp badly damaged. He was unable to join us for the workday due to illness, so five of us met in the parking lot and started up the trail around 11am.  Al B was the most qualified to fell the trees and the rest of us hauled the big log pieces down to the cabin where folks switched off chain sawing the large pieces into shorter pieces which would fit into the woodstove.  We chopped and stacked wood enough to last the season under the cabin.  We also organized the cabin and swept it clean. 

The 60th Anniversary Party was slated to start at 3pm, so being the only officer able to attend I headed to the trailhead at 2:30 while the rest of the crew finished up work at the cabin… as the weather shifted into a slow steady drizzle.

I arrived at the Larry Creek Pavilion not knowing what or who to expect, as I had only heard from two members planning to attend. I got there to find Julie K waiting for us.  We unpacked food, stoves, drinks, firewood, etc, from our vehicles, and got the party started.  The rest of the work party crew got there about a half hour later.  We had a delicious spaghetti dinner, garlic bread warmed over an open fire, sides brought by all the attending members, including watermelon, cantaloupe, smoked salmon (caught and smoked by Lance C.), homemade banana bread (Alden W.), homemade berry pie (not sure who brought that) & cupcakes (Julie and David K.), A big thank you to the skeleton crew who attended the cabin workday and the 60th Anniversary party.  It was truly a fun day with good people even if the weather didn’t cooperate for us.  Elizabeth Moore

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