Cedar Peak Trail Improvement Project September 23-25, 2022

Participants:  Great Burn ranger Rory, Great Burn representative Kat, Rocky Mountaineer members Arthur Endsley, Forest Dean, Jim Semmelroth, Cathy Semmelroth, Candy Hartman, other volunteers Zoey, Max and Justin.

Our group met at the Clearwater Crossing campground at 8:30 the morning of the 23rd. Fortunately the rains from the previous day were done but, due to the weather on the day the tools and supplies were to be packed in, it was up to us to get all the gear to our camp. We had a good omen for the weekend as we heard wolves as we were readying ourselves to hike in.

The hike into camp was trail 101 along Fish Creek. The trail is a gentle 3 miles to the crossing where trail 110 cuts off. These 3 miles run through a previously burned area but once at the crossing, and where we set up camp, the area has more old growth. This area allowed a nice setting for our dispersed campsites and a somewhat established community area. We arrived to the camp by late morning, got our camp set up and then after lunch headed up to start our trail work. Fortunately there was a sign at the Cedar Peak trail, #510, because it would have been easy to miss it with it being so overgrown. The hope is that this trail can get cleared to provide a nice loop option. The area we started in was in a previous burn so there was a lot of downfall. Our goals for the trail work were to clear the downed timber and remove the brush back from the trail according to Forest Service standards. Justin was only able to be with us for the day so he left that afternoon but we were sure glad he joined us to help with packing items in. We spent the afternoon working on the trail and returned to camp in time to enjoy a tasty and filling meal from chef Rory and spend some time around the campfire.

The next day we continued our work after our morning breakfast and coffee and put in another full day of clearing trail. The work was arduous but very rewarding, we cleared about ¾ mile of trail so there is still a lot of work to be done. There was discussion about a possible base camp further up the trail during future work, the area is on a ridge with a creek nearby and would be closer to the required work. Arthur set out that afternoon to hike and camp further into the area. Once again we were treated to a wonderful meal and time around the campfire that evening. Sunday morning we broke camp and cleared a few downed trees on the way out to the trailhead

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