Finley Creek/Ice Climbing

Date: December 22, 2018
Trip Leader: Forest Dean
Participants: Tom Herwerden, Logan DeBoer, Bjorn Nabozney, Joren Nabozney
As part of our TRM “Winter Classic” day, a group of us headed up Finley Creek on the west side of the Rattlesnake for a bit of ice climbing.  With the lack of snow, we were easily able to drive to the trailhead.  From there it was about a 30 minute hike to the base of our first climb- The Weedeater.  This WI3 route was really about the only climb that was in good shape.  I led up and then Logan and Tom each took a couple of laps on toprope.  Bjorn and Joren showed up after a bit and they headed straight for some drytooling next to the route called “Thing in Between”.  Logan, Tom and I hiked over to join them after a bit, bypassing the currently-very-thin classic:  Weedeater.  We all took turns flailing around on the mixed climbing as well as climbing the (currently thin) Thing in Between (WI3).  After a bit we were all exhausted and hiked out.  Not a plethora of great ice right now, but we had fun nevertheless!  Forest Dean

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