Finley Creek Ice Climbing, Rattlesnake

Date: February 3, 2018
Trip Leader: Forest Dean
Participants: Tom Herwerden, Brent Maier
This was an unannounced trip that came together at the last moment.  Posting it here mostly as beta for others.  The three of us met at the Wye on Saturday morning then drove to the Finley Lakes trailhead (no problem driving all the way right now).  A short 25 minute walk got us to the base of “The Graineater”, our first climb of the day.  I had climbed this 10 days earlier.  The difference was immense!  The warm temps are causing the ice to melt fast.  So sad!  Still, the ice was great- just really wet (imagine climbing in a constant drizzle).  I led up this WI4 route (two pitches), Tom followed.  Brent, being the third climber, got so cold at the wet belay station (above the first pitch) that he had to bag his chance at the top pitch).  We rapped down and then went over and climbed several pitches and variations on “The Thing in Between” (WI3).  Very wet here as well.  I would be surprised if this latter ice is still around next weekend.  All in all a good fun day.  Just bring your wetsuit if you are planning to go in the near future.

Forest Dean

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