Goat Mountain, Glacier National Park

Date: August 17, 2019 
Trip leader: Eric Jones
Participants: Minot Maser, Andrew Coe, Eric Jones, Elizabeth Moore, Jennica, and five kids.
Goat Mountain was the objective for the Glacier Classic’s Kid Trip. The kid members consisted of one 16 year old (barely a kid), three 11 year olds and one 4 year old. The plan was to hike up the Sunrift Gorge trail for about a mile and a half and then a long scramble (class 2 -3) up the west side of the mountain. This plan worked for Elias and Minot who were a bit faster than the rest of the crew.  The rest of us settled for turning around about a 1000 ft below the summit ridge because we wanted to be sure we got back in time for burritos back in camp. Great views, great conversations and attitude ruled the day.

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