Grey Wolf Peak (NE Ridge), Mission Mountains

Trip leader: Fintan Maguire
Participants: Brent Maier, Adam Drobish
Stats: 6000 ft elevation gain (we likely did 7000 ft.), Class 2/3
We drove to the Twin Lakes area on the Flathead Reservation side of the Mission Mountains and we began the climb around 7 am. The first few hours of  the trail are on a nice shaded trail thru the forest ascending a ridge. There are some areas of downed trees that need to be navigated thru but for the Missions the trail is quite enjoyable. After a couple of hours we arrived at Upper and Lower Riddell Lakes and we mistakenly attempted to climb the East Ridge. We then back tracked and resumed the standard route by continuing north into the next basin (Scenic Lakes).  We then gained the NE ridge and a half hour later arrived at the summit block. We dropped below the first snow field and then started the Class 3 climbing. Above this there was another snowfield where we utilized our crampons and ice axes.  The rest of the way to the summit was easy Class 2 bouldering. Our descent of the mountain went smoothly and we arrived back at the car around 5 pm.

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