Hidden Lake Peak (Bitterroots) Sunday, October 3, 2021

Leader:  Forest Dean

Participants: Tom Statz, Arthur Endsley, Raymond Cavalcante, Corey Hinshaw, Elizabeth Moore

The six of us met at the Glen Lake trailhead at 8:30am.  Yet another spectacular fall day!  We hiked up the trail to Glen Lake then branched north at the trail junction that heads to that lake instead following the trail to unnamed lake 7834’.  Officially the FS trail ends there, but a good user trail continues on and climbs about 800’ to the summit of “Glen Lake Peak” (point 8600’+).  We hiked up there, then climbed the various rock outcrops attempting to find the “true” summit.  After a short break (complete with hard boiled eggs from Arthur and Raymond) we began the descent west towards a saddle between Glen Lake Peak and Hidden Lake Peak (Point 8618’).  The first part of descent was on the aforementioned user trail, but then that disappeared, and we were boulder hopping the last couple hundred feet to the saddle.  Being that we were on a time restraint, we decided at that point to split forces.  Tom stopped and enjoyed some lunch and the surroundings before heading back up the ridge.  He then detoured over to Glen Lake on the way out.  Arthur and Raymond started out for the peak but decided to turn around as well after traversing part of the way across boulders and downfall towards the base of Hidden Lake Peak.  They also took in Glen Lake on the way back.  Corey, Elizabeth and I continued on and gained the 800’ to the summit block.  Here we were greeted by some challenging (but short) rock climbing that bordered on class 4.  We carefully picked our way to the summit, arriving at 1:00pm.  After a couple pictures, we downclimbed, ate lunch, then began the hike back out.  Once arriving back at Glen Lake Peak, we ran most of the way back and arrived back at trailhead at 3:00pm.  Arthur and Raymond were just behind us, and Tom a bit after them.  A great day in the Bitterroots!  10.5 miles, 4300’ of elevation gain and two summits.  Forest Dean

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