Hyalite Canyon/Ice Climbing Trip Nov 24 – 26

Date: November 24-26, 2023
Leader: Forest Dean
Participants: Jim Semmelroth, Alec Cottrell, Joe Wagner

Jim and I both drove our van/campers over to Hyalite on Friday morning, arriving at the Grotto Falls
trailhead around noon. We got settled, then geared up and hiked up to the Genesis 1 area to get our
first swings of the year. We spent the afternoon toproping a couple of different routes then headed
back to the vehicles. Had some turkey leftover dinner and drinks then hit the bed at a decent hour. The
next morning was cold so we got moving slowly. Alec drove up from town and met us about 9:00. Joe
and a couple of his friends came up slightly after that. We once again headed up to G1 and climbed a
few laps on that. Joe and his friends went up to G2, Alec and I followed a little after that. Jim decided to
hike up the Canyon to check out The Dribbles. The rest of us climbed G2 then went over to Hangover
and climbed that. Back to trailhead about 4:00. Alec took off. Joe and crew (all members of Gallatin
County SAR) got a call about a fallen climber (on Dribbles coincidentally) shortly thereafter, so they
geared up to go perform a rescue operation. I volunteered to give them a hand (along with a couple of
other climbers who were in the lot). Jim had actually seen the fall and called it in. We hiked up to
Dribbles, attended to the climber. Two Bear Air helicopter eventually evacuated the climber around
8:15pm, we were back to parking lot a bit after 9:00.

After all this very unfortunate episode, nobody really felt like climbing on Sunday. Jim went home in the
morning. I decided to take a hike up the East Fork to just look at ice. Hiked up to Emerald Lake then ran
back down. Took about 3 hours. Forest Dean

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