Little St Joe Cabin

Date: Jan 11 – 13
Trip Leader: Paul Jensen
Attendees: Doug Grisham, Fred McDonald, Forest Dean, Brent Meyer, Fintan Magurie, Minot Maser, Rosemary Palachio, Robbie Lieban
On Friday Doug Grisham, Fred McDonald and I headed up to the cabin.  It was nice to get above the inversion and into the sunshine!  Later in the afternoon we had a nice run back down the ridge to the cabin in pretty good powder.  On Sat we met up with Forest Dean, Brent Meyer and Fintan Maguire who had just skied up from the parking lot.  The 6 of us then climbed to the summit of Little St Joe and skied a couple long east facing runs.  The weather was amazing and snow was still good so we all had fun.  Minot Maser also came up and joined in with us for the skiing.  Also on Sat Rosemary Palachio and Robbie Lieban snowshoed up so Sat night we had 9 people in the cabin which was interesting.  Once we all got settled it didn’t seem too bad.  On Sunday some people went down and some went up for another run.  I think everyone would agree it was a very fun weekend.

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