Little St Joe Cabin Feb. 25, 2022

On Friday Feb 25 Kimberly Meade-White and I started the tour up to the cabin around 11 while John Bardsley and Matt Roscoe had plans to head up later in the afternoon (on Thursday participants had dropped from 7 to 4). We had cold weather starting out and beautiful sunny weather forecast so it looked to be a perfect weekend! After arriving at the cabin Kimberly and I skinned most of the way up the main ascent route and then had a fun run back to the cabin in nice powder. John and Matt showed up and we settled into cabin life – always fun. On Saturday we climbed to the main summit of Little St Joe and then broke into two groups to ski various places. Great powder (except for the very top) and beautiful weather made for a very fun day! On Sunday we skied a bit more before heading out. Overall it was a great weekend up there! The cabin seemed to be in good shape and there is plenty of firewood left…
Paul Jensen

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