Lolo Pass Ski Tour (Winterfest)

Date: February 10, 2024
Leaders: Forest Dean and Mark Albrecht
Participants: Sean Colvin, Megan Apple, Ryan Gregson, Kevin Gregson, Francis Horton, Zach Robertson,
Brook Lennox

Postponed from early January, Winterfest ’24 ended up being a one-trip affair due to the fact that we
were still having a real hard time getting winter to arrive. This one trip turned out to be pretty fun
though as we were able to find some real good snow conditions and have a day of fun playing in it!
We started out from the Lolo Pass visitor center about 10am and headed south to “Mt. Fuji”. After
digging some pits we skied three different lines on the north side of this. We then headed over to
Hamburger Hill (also called “Highway Shots”?) and skinned up that. Skied off the west aspect of this and
down to the highway. This turned out to be the highlight of the day for all of us- a really fun line. From
there we skied back up (about ½ mile) to the parking lot and spent an hour enjoying some snacks and

Definitely a scaled back version of Winterfest, but at least we kept the tradition alive! Hopefully we can
get back to the expanded version next January. Forest Dean

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