Lolo Pass Winter Outing

Date: Dec. 10th 2017
Trip Leader: Julie Kahl
Attendees: Roy Regel, David Kahl

These dreary, annoying inversions in the Missoula Valley can really fool people. Only Roy Regel decided to join David and Julie Kahl on this outing. It was sunny and warm at Lolo Pass, no wind, with the snow almost being perfect for skiing. We skied a short ways down Pack Cr. Rd. to the parking area for the Lewis And Clark (what they called Pack Cr.) Glade Creek Camp over look. From there we followed previous skiers down to the creek flood plain and meandered along the creek, first down stream then back up stream. A little of everything, down hill, uphill, over side channels and through some willow brush. Hoar frost deposits were amazing. We went back upstream to the Glade Cr. Loop trail, crossed the bridge and skied it around the base of Mt. Fugi, then back to the Visitor’s Center. At the top of the big hill we ran into Kristi DuBois and Bert Lindler just heading out and we chatted a bit. I knew Kristi would love the hoar frost deposits as much as I did. Great day, thanks Roy.

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