Lolo Pass Xcountry Ski

Date: December 16, 2017

Trip Leader: Alden Wright
Attendees: Oliver Serang and Roy Regel

Lolo pass had about 6 inches of fresh snow.  Oliver Serang, Roy Regel, and Alden Wright left from the Lolo Pass visitor center at about noon.  We skied out the Packer Creek road for about a mile, and then skied up the old logging road to the right.  In the past few weeks I have skied on 3 old logging roads in the Lolo Pass area, and all had varying amounts of alders—if we had more snow these would be less of a problem.  On this particular road, the alders were better than the other 2 roads and it was not too much of a problem to get through them.   There was a nice view on top of the ridge.  We turned around to try to meet 2 other people at the visitor center, but they didn’t show up.  At about 3, we did the Glade Creek trail to the longer trail, and then went a short way to what appeared to be an old road up towards Mt. Fuji.  But the “road” was full of rocks and logs.  After a quarter mile, Roy decided to turn around, and Oliver and I went cross country back to the ski trail.  Then we went to the Rocky Mountaineers party at the Lolo Peak brewery which was a good time.

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