Lolo Pass

Date: Dec. 9th, 2018
Trip Leader: Julie Kahl
Participants: Lois Crepeau, Kristi DuBois, Leta Brown, Steve Schombel, Alden Wright, David Kahl

I call these Winter Outings because we end up with an eclectic group wanting to enjoy different pursuits. Sometimes it is someone’s first or second time out for the season. Alden wants a 10-15 mile /16.1-21.14k day, Lois, Kristi and Leta were happy with snowshoeing or clomping about on their Hok skis (a hybrid ski-snowshoe). Alden skied the shorter, Glade Cr. loop (3.4 miles/ 5.47k), while David, Steve and I skied down Elk Meadows Road to the Lee Cr. trail junction.(1 mi/ 1.61k.) Alden joined us shortly before we reached the trail junction and skied a short ways up the Lewis & Clark /Nee-Me-Poo Trail where it comes down to Elk Meadows Rd. Some one had tracked it. We skied up the Lee Cr. Trail to the China Cr. bridge/culvert (about 2 miles/ 3.22k) and had a lunch break there. Alden skied on aways up the trail as the rest of us turned back. When we got to the junction with the Lewis & Clark/ Nee-Me-Poo Trail (with the Lee Cr. Trail) it also had tracks on that end and we skied down it, Alden joined us, but Steve stayed on the main trail skiing it most of the way back to the Visitor’s Center. The L&C/N trail wandered through the woods, with a few hilly areas, but a nice trail, to drop us back out on Elk Meadows Rd. We reunited with Lois, Kristi and Leta back at the Visitors’ Center. From the L&C/N Trail, Alden went on to ski most of the longer (6.3 mi/ 10.14k) Packer Meadows Loop and explored about 1/2 mile /0.8k up the ridge side of Mt. Fuji. It’s a little brushy yet, but there was a single ski track and moose tracks. When he was back at the Visitors’ Center there was an injured red fox in the parking lot looking for handouts. Every one had a good day, up to their expectations. (Except maybe the fox.)

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