Peak 8650 (Missions)

Date: July 2, 2022

Participants: Forest Dean, Kevin Ewing

Kevin and I met up at the Wye at 6am and headed north.  We were able to drive within 100’ of the Mollman Pass Trailhead before a downed tree blocked our way.  We began hiking up the really good Mollman Pass trail at 7:20.  Very few down trees and really only brushy in one spot.  After about five miles we gained Mollman Pass.  Beautiful area with several nice lakes.  Lots of snow still there, so we transitioned from trail runners into boots at the Pass.  Descended about 700’ down the trail to the east then headed north and up to Peak 8650.  No crampons or axe was needed as we climbed the south ridge.  We topped out around 12:30.  Really clear skies allowed us to enjoy views of the Missions, Swans and many of the Glacier peaks.  After some lunch and pics, we descended to the SW to a saddle separating Peaks 8650 and 8632.  Dropping south off the pass we encountered some steep and relatively firm snow, so had to downclimb a couple hundred feet until we felt it safe to glissade.  Hiked back to Mollman Pass along a snow melt creek before heading back up to the Pass.  The hike out was uneventful but pleasant.  Kevin dubbed the peak “Julio Segundo Peak”…I wonder if the USGS will accept?  We got out a little before 6:00 and enjoyed some trailhead beers before heading back to Missoula.  About 16 miles round trip, 6000’ of climbing over 10.5 unhurried hours.  Forest Dean

Peak 8650 on right, Peak 8632 on left.  We ascended ridge on right and descended from saddle.
Kevin looking south from Peak 8650.  Mollman Lakes are in the hanging valley just right of center.

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