Snow Climbing and Glacier Travel- Field Days!

Dates: April 21-22, 2018

Leaders:  Quentin Rhoades, Forest Dean

Participants: Tom Herwerden, Lou Herritt, Diana Diakow, Andy Coe, Cali Caughie

This past weekend we held a two day practice event at Snowbowl.  The goal was to work on skills pertaining to steep snow climbing and glacier travel, as well as help introduce those with little or no prior experience to these important parts of mountaineering.  We had an outstanding group and it seemed to be a resounding success for all involved!

We began both days at the Snowbowl parking lot at 8:00 am.  Saturday we reviewed footwork and techniques involved in ascending steep snow then split into two rope teams and practiced team travel on glaciated terrain as we walked up 900’ into the Bowl.  Once up on a steep ski slope we worked on building anchors, placing snow protection, rappelling and finally self arrest.  Even got some nice glissades in on the way back to the parking area.  Wrapped things up at 4:00pm with a few refreshments at the vehicles.

On Sunday we first practiced some more self arrest since the snow was frozen and stopping yourself was a bit more of a challenge.  The remainder of the day was spent on all things pertaining to crevasse rescue.  We reviewed and practiced different methods of rescuing a partner from a crevasse fall as well as self rescue.  Wrapped things up at 3:00pm.

Thanks to a great group of enthusiastic participants!  And a HUGE thanks to Quentin for putting the plan and content together for the two days.  We will look forward to making this an annual event!

Forest Dean

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