Trapper Peak, BC-Ski, Bitteroot Mountains

Date: Saturday June 1, 2019
Participants: Fintan Maguire, Dexter Hale, Tanya Hacker, Casey Lammers, Tom Jones (TJ) & Susanna Girolamo Phillips
This trip was short notice and mostly for those that weren’t ready to put the skis away. Surprisingly we got several to join on this last minute adventure.
We started at Baker Lake Trailhead at about 9 AM. It was a later start than I anticipated, as one of us forgot its ski-skins and had to run back to get them. I wasn’t sure how the road condition to the trailhead was going to be but I was confident that we could drive all the way to trailhead, and we did
We boot/packed and hiked up to Baker Lake on a nice maintained and dry trailAt about 7’700 ft & 100 ft just below the lake we were able to skin up the trail. Once we arrived at the lake we then ascended short and steeper slope up to the main East ridge. We followed the ridge all the way to the summit. Blue skies and puffy clouds accompanied us all the way up.
Our plan was to go in and out the same way. Although when we skied back to the ridge, we decided to ski down a different chute. The steeper terrain above the Lake made it a little challenging with finding a safe way down, as most of the snow has melted, staging out more rocks and cliffs. 
We got back to the car around 3 PM and just before a storm of hale welcomed us.

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