Triangle Peak (Rattlesnake), June 4, 2023

Participants: Forest Dean, Taylor Brugh, Taylor’s neighbor Peter, Stefan Kolis, Corey Hinshaw

Going after this seldom visited peak to check off on the Rattlesnake Peaks list, I figured that I was likely going to have to do this one solo. Turns out I was able to get a full group to join along! We all met at 7am at the main Rattlesnake trailhead, and biked up the main corridor. After a brief rest break ~ 9 miles up the corridor, Forest had a streak of bad luck and punctured a tube. Fortunately he had a spare tube and pump, and after a short repair we were back on track. We reached the end of the corridor at ~ 9 am, stashed the bikes and headed up trail #515 on foot. After a creek crossing, we cut off trail and aimed toward Triangle Peak. A dark cloud sat right on top of us, and decided to rain and drizzle as soon as we reached the summit. Not wanting to linger long at the top and get more soaked, we ate quickly and bailed on any ideas of extra credit objectives. We decided to take trail 504 back down to the corridor. Having not been maintained in a few years, there was plenty of downfall, and overgrown soggy brush (to Taylor’s dismay.) We eventually reached the corridor, jogged back to the bikes, and blazed back out to the trailhead with good speed. Only two more Rattlesnake peaks (Mosquito and Murphy) to go!  Corey Hinshaw

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