Lost River Range

Dates: May 22-25, 2020 Leader:  Forest Dean Participants: Fintan Maguire, Maryellen Maguire, Simone Maguire, Frank Dean, Seth Anderson, Brock Rugg, William Kelly, Sam Hathcock, Rhys McKinstry, Esther Delsordo, Minot Maser, Joshua Phillips, Susanna Phillips, Jennifer Franklin, Adam Drobish, Leland Earls Last year a group of 8 of us spent Memorial Weekend in the Lost River’s …

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Snow Climbing and Glacier Travel- Field Days

Dates: May 16-17, 2020 Leader: Forest Dean Participants: Corey Hinshaw, Fain McGough, Sam, Esther Delsordo, Rhys McKinstry, Leland Earls Although delayed by about a month this year (due to the COVID issues), for the third consecutive spring, we put together this weekend practice session to work on all things related to snow climbing and glacier …

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Ward Mountain, Bitterroot, MT – BC skiing

Date: Sunday Jan 5, 2020 Participants: Forest Dean, Frank Dean, Brent Meyer, Fintan Marguie, Adam Drobish, Dexter Hale, Tom Jones Trip leaders: Joshua Phillips and Susanna Girolamo Phillips, Our plan was to ski Stonewall Creek just north of Lincoln, MT. But the avalanche advisory warned of high danger in the backcountry. Therefor we went up …

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