TRM Cabin Weekend March 1-3, 2024

Leader:  Paul Jensen

Participants: Kimberly Meade-White, Zach Robertson, Matt Roscoe, Francis Horton, Elizabeth Moore, Forest Dean

On Friday, March 1 six of us made the ski tour up to the Rocky Mountaineers cabin on Little St Joe Pk.  Kimberly Meade-White and Paul Jensen headed up about 1:00, Matt Roscoe followed around 3:30, Forest Dean and Elizabeth Moore started around 5:00 and Zach Robertson a bit later.  We were all expecting some good skiing I think because of the recent new snow.  We ended up not being disappointed!  Kimberly and I managed to do most of a run just before dark on Friday in nice powder.  Once we all arrived at the cabin we settled in and started making food and drinks and listening to our Playlist music.  Dr Didg and John Denver were popular…  St Joe cabin life is always fun!  On Saturday we all skied two or three runs in great powder.  Francis Horton came up and joined us and refreshed our beer supply as well!  Much of the day it was snowing fairly hard.  Conditions seemed fairly stable, and we skied all over on the big east facing slope before heading back to the cabin.  Another evening of music, conversation and food followed.  On Sunday we were all treated to blue skies and great powder skiing.  Multiple runs were done before packing up and making the ski out.  Kimberly and I skied out a bit early while the others did another run…  We skied a little way below the summer trailhead in fairly good snow which was surprising for this year!  Chips and salsa were waiting at the parking lot…  Paul Jensen

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