TRM Cabin Weekend

Dates: February 2-4, 2024
Leader: Forest Dean
Participants: Elizabeth Moore, Erin Carey

This poor excuse for a winter had all of us questioning whether or not to head up to the cabin this
weekend. Originally seven folks were interested in going. Due primarily to the recent warm temps and
lack of snow, only three of us ended up going. We made the right call though as the skiing ended up
being really good! Elizabeth and I headed up on Friday evening, arriving at about 9:00pm. From the
gate we ended up hiking all the way to and then past the summer trailhead before putting skis on.
Really no coverage at all below 6000’. On Saturday, we had a lazy start then headed up to the Little St.
Joe summit. Skied the northerly of the two east facing bowls twice and found them to be really good!
2000’ descents without really hitting a rock or anything- this is what skiing in February should be like,
but was unexpected with the current dismal snowpack. Did a last partial run on the ridge that trail leads
up, then returned to cabin at 4:30 just as Erin was arriving. Had a nice evening of food, drink and
palaver. On Sunday we once again lazily got started and headed back to the summit. Did one more nice
2000’ run, then back up to saddle above cabin, down to cabin, packed up and headed out. Again, had to
hike most of the way due to lack of any snow. All in all though, it was a very fun weekend! Forest Dean

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